Adultery  Investigation
When in Doubt?Checkem Out!

ADULTERY INVESTIGATION: When in Doubt? Checkem Out!

Adultery investigation and Adultery Surveillance and Spousal check is one of the most common reasons private investigator services are sought after, and we can give you the results you need for real peace of mind.  At Adultery Investigation, the majority of our cases that our private investigators spend all their time working, are on adultery and cheating partner investigation cases.

If you appeal for divorce on the grounds of adultery, then unless your partner admits to it, you will need to provide proof. A direct approach would be for a private investigator to knock on the couple's door and interview them on their sleeping arrangements. Or they could spy on the couple and conduct video documentation of when they go to sleep and when they get up. Other evidence like letters, diaries, photographic or recorded audio evidence can also be obtained if desired.

If your partner has moved out but you want stronger grounds for divorce than separation, you could hire a Private Investigator to obtain proof of adultery.

Despite this fact, our Adultery Investigation services work directly with the clients, reporting while on the field, sending text messages and phone calls throughout the entire time of the Adultery Investigation is one of the reasons that our clients are becoming more comfortable with us.

While working any type of domestic related investigative cases, our clients are often reluctant or are embarrassed to share personal problems. The truth, however is that there is no reason to be shy about seeking out to our investigators.  At Adultery Investigation and Adultery Surveillance and spousal check, we have conducted more than several 100 adultery investigative cases and not only that our investigators are seasoned investigators in this type of cases and achieve results quickly and efficiently, but these results can dramatically improve our client's life as they become more comfortable with the investigators on giving more detail information about their cheating partner.

Be the first to know !!! "Not the last to find out"

•Are you sick and tired of your partner's suspicious behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years?
•Are you sick and tired of having your heart pounding and losing endless hours of sleep due to the sadness and uncertainty as to what is going wrong with your relationship?
•Are you ready to find out once and for all the truth about what your partner has so recklessly been doing behind your back? Even if the truth hurts?


1. Working a lot of overtime 2. Excessive use of the Internet 3. Unaccountable Hours 4. Hiding the cell phone bill 5. Saying "It's your imagination" 6. Getting hang-up phone calls from the lover 7. No longer interested in sex 8. Not wearing a wedding ring 9. New sexual techniques they learned from there partner 10. Saying "I need my space"